Traumatized Teeth

A dislodged tooth, which is also known as a luxated tooth, is one that has been partially knocked out or into of its socket. A dislodged tooth may also be knocked sideways. A tooth can be dislodged by an injury. You should see an endodontist as soon as possible if your tooth has been dislodged so that the tooth can be stabilized. If permanent teeth have been luxated, then a root canal treatment will likely be needed. The root canal should be performed within a few days. Medication may be used during this procedure. An endodontist will make sure that you are healing properly and intervene if necessary.

You will likely need to attend several follow-up appointments. A root canal treatment may not be necessary for children who are between the ages of seven and 12 because their teeth are not fully developed. Studies have shown that young people have stem cells that can heal the pulp and stimulate root growth after an injury or infection. Call us at (708) 395-9267 and we can discuss the different treatment options.


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