Root Canal Therapy

This procedure removes the nerve tissue from inside the tooth and replaces it with a gutta percha filling. It usually can be done in one to two visits depending on the tooth. Some patients experience some tenderness for a few days after the procedure.

Retreatment of Root Canal Therapy

This procedure removes the old root canal filling and replaces it with a new gutta percha filling. This procedure is usually done in two visits. Some patients experience some tenderness for a few days after the procedure.

Periapical Surgery

This procedure treats your tooth surgically. This procedure is typically done on teeth that already have a root canal. Our office will see you for a consultation before this procedure is scheduled to make sure it is your best option.

Post Removal

This procedure removes a post placed by your general dentist to help restore the tooth. This is usually only done when the post breaks inside the tooth. This procedure is done in one visit.


This procedure is performed on teeth that have not finished developing; it is most commonly performed on children. Treatment time varies greatly depending on the tooth.

Dental Implants

This procedure is an option to replace a missing tooth. The implant is placed where the tooth was extracted and allows your general dentist to place a crown. Treatment varies case by case, a consultation would be done prior to treatment. We use implants from Nobel Biocare and Zimmer Dental.

Cone Beam CT

Superior care and safety, both for patients and referring practices, is our ultimate goal. To achieve this goal, we’ve recently installed a KODAK 9000 3D Extraoral Imaging System. For additional information and to view some of our cases… » Read More

Traumatic Dental Injuries

This procedure treats teeth that have been injured due to an accident. This can be a sports related accident, work related or car accident. Treatment varies on the severity of the case and timely intervention can make the difference between saving or losing the tooth.