Responsive Pain Control

We believe pain control is essential to providing you with the best possible treatment before and after your procedure. Since pain can have many levels and intensities, we use an adjustable approach to pain management. This gives us, the doctors, and you, the patient, the most effective and safest use of pain medications.

Pain Chart

The chart above is divided into two categories – one shows the recommendations for patients who can take aspirin-like drugs and the other shows the recommendations for patients who can’t take aspirin-like drugs.

It also indicates the pain level – from mild (yellow) to severe (red) – that could be reported by the patient and the possible remedies for each level.

If you’re a patient in pain and do not understand this chart, then call our office immediately for assistance: (708) 484-7787.

Note: The chart above was adapted from: Keiser & Hargreaves, Building Effective Strategies for the Management of Endodontic Pain, (Endodontic Topics, 2002, 3), 95-105. The trademarks used in the chart are the property of their respective owners.