Knocked-Out Teeth

Over five million teeth get knocked out every year, both kids and adults. But if this happens, don’t panic! A knocked-out tooth can be replanted, and will last for years. However, it must be treated quickly, preferably within 30 minutes of the injury. This is what you should do:

* Pick up the tooth by the top (crown), not the root. Never touch the root, which is easily damaged.

* Gently rinse any dirt off the tooth with milk or water. Don’t rub or wipe it.

* Replace the tooth in its socket if possible. Make sure it’s facing the right way, and don’t try to force it in. If you cannot get the tooth back into the socket, at least make sure it doesn’t dry out. Hold it in the mouth, or put it in a glass of milk or water.

* Call the nearest endodontist or dentist for an emergency appointment.

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