Sedation (Anesthesia)

Many people experience anxiety about dental and oral surgery treatments.  Various anesthesia techniques can be used to reduce or eliminate anxiety associated with procedures.

Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is an anxiolytic medical gas that can reduce anxiety associated with treatment.  With nitrous oxide the patient remains awake but anxiety is reduced.  It allows the patient to still have full comprehension of what is happening around them while feeling more relaxed about it.  No special preparation is necessary to have nitrous oxide administered and patients can drive themselves to and from their appointment.

Intravenous anesthesia (twilight, moderate sedation, or general anesthesia) can be administered to allow for the patient to be completely asleep for the procedure.  This affords the patient an opportunity to be unconscious while the procedure is being performed.   Intravenous anesthesia’s very safe.  It is performed with a high level of patient monitoring and consideration of patient health parameters.  When having treatment with intravenous anesthesia patients must fast for at least 6 hours prior to their appointment.  A driver to and from the appointment will be necessary as well.  A consultation prior to treatment with intravenous sedation is recommended.

Dr. Baptist has extensive training in all of these forms of anesthesia and can help you decide what is the most appropriate form of anesthesia to help you feel comfortable throughout your treatment.

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