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Dental Implants

Premature tooth loss is a common reason for a patient to consider the placement of dental implants.

Once it has been determined that the patient is a good candidate for the procedure, a visit is scheduled as soon as possible to avoid migration of the adjacent teeth into the empty space, and to prevent other conditions such as impaired speech and mastication (chewing), or excessive accumulation of plaque and tartar within the surrounding area, which may lead to gingival discrepancies (gum disease).

Implants can replace single or multiple missing teeth. After implants are successfully placed and secured within the alveolar ridge, a temporary restoration may be fabricated onto the device until the area completely heals. Depending on your body’s ability to recover, the healing process may be several months. Progress is closely monitored by the dentist at regular intervals.

When the implant has fused to the bone (known as osseointegration), and the soft tissue has regenerated, final impressions of the oral area are taken by your general dentist to fabricate any permanent restorations as outlined in the original treatment plan. These may include crowns, bridges or snap-on partials, or dentures. The occlusion is adjusted to avoid any discomfort, and additional follow-up appointments are scheduled as necessary.

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