Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is a procedure used to maintain or enhance bone volume in an area of the jaw to facilitate dental implant placement or support the health of existing teeth. This technique is frequently performed at the time a tooth is extracted to promote bone growth. It can also be used in various ways to regenerate bone where bone has been lost over time.

Bone grafting is typically performed using donor bone. This approach avoids having a second surgical site that would be necessary if bone was harvested from the patient. However, in some instances it may be preferential or necessary to utilize the patient’s own bone as the source of the bone graft. A consultation with Dr. Baptist will help you decide what is best for you.

Sinus Augmentation Bone Grafting (Sinus Lifts)

When dental implants are desired in the back of the upper jaw it is necessary to evaluate the position of an airspace called the sinus. Depending on the patient’s anatomy a surgical procedure to augment the amount of bone at the floor of the sinus is needed to allow for the implants to be placed without injuring the sinus.

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